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Beyond the grim scenario, Marketers are strategies

Perhaps it is the longest of all, but certainly for too many months we have been participating in to the economic diet of uncertainty. Seems like we are not able to solve the “Rubik Cube”.

As marketers or merely interested in marketing our main task is to understand the situation and to came up with strategic solutions. Our target will never be to solve the financial situation in macro-terms, we just devote ourselves to take advantage of the situation. But, more and more, everything seems to blurring. Despite all, beyond this grim scenario, we should continue betting heavily and  innovate.

What I mean with innovation?

Innovation means to catch out everyone by applying new methods. Fortunately for us, the World is offering great opportunities in a new media. Therefore, creativity is completely necessary, indeed, trust must also be in our portfolio because ,what is sure, is that firms are betting on low-cost technologies with high impact.
Whenever we talk about low-cost technologies we talk about Internet, which is becoming more than a tool so we can not dispense with it, a need for our survival both as customers or business (we do not want to be the last at privilege line, at all).

Financial panic on a limb and conservatism owner to another, both hugging the 2.0 world becoming the time to prove the add value of Marketing. Time for us to demonstrate that the online strategies are efficient. Time to talk about things such as landing page, social network or content emerging. Which are, actually, the topics I will discuss in the following posts.


The first step: Content Marketing

The more understandable definition of “Content emergin” as a Marketing Technique is the folloween one:

Content marketing is a marketing technique apply to create and distribute relevant and valuable content to attract, acquire, and engage a clearly defined, and understood, target audience – with the objective of driving profitable customer action

In this era, the content marketing strategy has gone from the “client push” to “client pull”, which means the application of new methods ensuring that the company is able to reach customer’s emotions, implying their satisfaction and also their fidelity in the brand.

The first question you should ask is, Why this type of strategies are better than other ones?

At least there are three topics of marketing interesting information:

  • Branding:  Relevant content, clear and well proposed generates higher reputation for the brand.
  • Traffic: Relevant content is shared online, this involves promotion on the Social Media, the more promotion the more links posted and the more links =  more traffic.
  • Reliability: Relevant content generates more confidence in the brand.

The second question should be: Where can we apply this strategy?

The most innovative tools that focuses on this kind of marketing-application are: E-books, Newsletters and social interest online publications.
Adequacy, segmentation would perform first to ensure that the suitable content reaches the main client. After that, we look for the medium that best ensure greater impact on these clients.

But, in any case, whatever the medium of choice may be, we have to understand that content marketing is placed at the rise of the marketing strategies pyramid. Its development allows us to elaborate: mobile marketing, social media marketing… among others.

In conclusion, the content marketing seeks emotion through information, and information has to be our first step whenever we design a marketing plan.

The Landing Page

Online advertising is not everything, the positioning strategies help but not assure success and Facebook does not buy, it only introduce you to possible future customers. So, Which is the key to get profit of our online media and to our company to succeed?

The landing page is probably the most important tool on the Internet media. It guarantees us the customer feedback, total handling of any type of information and a highest ability to branding strategies.
 But what is the meaning of a landing page?

As the name implies, this website is the web page where the client arrives after having clicked on an online ad or a promotional link.

What we will find in these pages?

An extension of the advertisement, which explains in detail the product or service offer promoted. We can also find test campaign.  Marketers used the landing pages to measure the impact of promotional campaigns, before launchinginto the market. In this last sense and according to the report Anne Holland in, ” The 60% professionals in the e-mail marketing who respond to the survey, affirmed that they would prefer to test their marketing campaigns using the tests split A / B, on the landing pages”

How many landing pages we can have operating online?

As many as you can manage. Most companies have multiple landing pages, not only for different products, but also for the same product depending on the ad or link that users click on. This fact optimizes the segmentation and enables companies to different strategies or campaigns, depending on the users. That is why the landing pages are also known as “jumping pages”, “splash pages”.

To conclude, the following image represents the landing page of the new online reader of “The New York Times”:

The NewYork Times Landing Page.

What are the good points of this landing page?

  • Show technological innovations by presenting online videos.
  • Show luxury by presenting its application with one of the the best products from Apple (Macbook Pro)
  • Allows the customers to reach the subscription page without intermediaries from outside the company.

Even this one was a good example of a landing page we should know, as interested in marketing, that the impact would become higher if the companies introduces promotions or discounts at this page.

After Digital Life 2011 report…

After reading the new Digital Life 2011 report it is possible that you change thy conception about the business use of social networks. Right now my view is leading a battle with my previous expectations.

Data from the investigation into the Social Media impact showed that the 53% of Social Network users refuse to engage with brands through them. People are willing to follow a brand online and be aware of the possible offers, but they do not want to interact with the company, rather people do not rely on it. Suddenly, the business profile in Social Media turns into the ugly friend. That is the big threat to any company basing its strategies in Internet.

So the key to building trust is information. Companies should be able to inform in the right way, users do not believe in the power of too much information, they want to know the product but without be shot with spam.

Despite the fact that Social Media can easily result in a loss of trust, the Data Report in the Digital Life 2011 investigation show that the 46% users in social networks make comments about brands online for the sheer pleasure of making known their opinion, which means a readily available opportunity for companies: “personalize their image from this starting point”.

In short, we can not expect nothing but bad news if not well managed Social Media. Like in any committee, the online interaction is fragile and could damage the company image, while a good strategy may guarantee a wide range of potential buyers feeling happy and confident.

Feedback is possible with good strategies, and it will be reflected in finances and loyalty.

Andrea Gamero.

Data from investigations:

OP-ED: Skepticism on Google+

Unfortunately I am still hesitant about Google+, even I know perfectly that the new Social Media website is founded on the cornestorn of a large modern, big and profitable company as it is Google,Inc.The fact is that, for many busy users, spending their time in learning how to use a new social network, that has not been differenciated yet from the existings nowadays, is a really wasting of time. And time is the Internet’s added value, information spreading around at the speed of light.

It is probably that many “Google-progressive users” are scandalized about my suggestions, then they likely would embrace concepts such as the new technology implemented: users’s circles, new media-tools… However let me the luxury of ask: “What else?”  Because my expectations on Google+, knowing who are their guarantors (in a pessimistic point of view), are even higher and also go far beyond the permission of disappear without leaving as much treace on the Internet as in Facebook’s closed accounts.

As marketing student with certain knowledge in branding matters, I am concern that the Google+ strategy it is damaging seriously the short-term trust the network would be able to generate. The positioning interests should focus on providing added value insted of inteds of comparing the company with any other social network, but especially with Facebook, which has an unconditional support of more than millions users. Therefore the main problem is that we are not differentiating these two Social Networks, we are just doing what the Google+’s managers are doing: comparing them and by acting this way we forget about if Facebook is more emotional or if Google+ is more pragmatic, we forget about which one it lets us to housewive better (even we are not talking just in domestic point of view). We are just willing to focus on which one is the best one and that makes me wonder: What does better in Internet mean? Suddenly the answer comes to my mind: Time. Precisely what users do not want to splurge away.

Let us now leave the Zuckerberg big-baby and we will now focus on: Twitter vs. Google+, another big comparison of the Google’s social network creators.

How will Google+ compete with Twitter and its great value as a tool for social media marketing campaigns? Whatever is going to be the decision the current strategy against Twitter is not appropiate because it is only intended to devaluate Twitter brand… Oh, c’mon guys in Google you can do it better!

Defenders of Google+ said that the fact that Twitter only allows users to post 140 characters is a threat, and that is why Google+ permit more extensive publications. Then Twitter would said: “Few words to the wise is sufficient”. Even Twitter is a furstrated writers factory the quantity of characters is not the advantage of Google+ agains Twitter, maybe their Ripples could be, but it will work only for the Business point of view.

In conclusion, Internet skeptics would not even worry about the impact of new social networks and their positiong online, probably they would think it is an aberration because for them social networks have an expiration date. Skeptics as me are now distrusting of the usefulness of Google+ as the company interests lies in winning the battle to Facebook or Twitter insted of positioning independently. Result? Position somewhere between FF and TT and a extremely unhelpul, useless and worthless conception of Google+.

Andrea Gamero

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