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Branding Meaning: The Stronghold Solution



Commonly, when I am defining the meaning of “Branding”, my listeners put the same confused face, as if they were reading a medical prescription. But since I start to be interested in Marketing and its specific issues, I noticed that the communication problem was not only affecting to me, there were many others marketing professionals suffering the same inability to became understood while talking about: “What Branding Really Means”

Submissive using poetic allegories, Branding can be understood as a stronghold, therefore, every brand’s strategy must be focused on positioning, which would mean: to built our stronghold in the quietest and safest place possible.


Moreover, our aim, as that stronghold‘s owners, is to offer help to those people who are not protected.
In fact our goal is to propose to them: security and tranquility in the safest place of the world (even if we are exaggerating), for a modest price.

So, the aim of Branding would never been to generate a better stronghold than the competitor’s ones, probably their technology could be better or their design could be utilitarian than ours. The main aim is that people conceived our stronghold, as the only security solution so, instead of wanted it they need it, all them know it, and all them are unable to comfort with another one.


First step: Positioning.

To define who are you, why you are the only solution, why people would feel “safe in your stronghold”.

Second step: Communication.

Make sure you are in the right place and talking with people in the right medium, with the right words. Then create a memorable cause and drive your idea and its power to get customers by the lapels, lifted from the ground and say that they would be stupid by chose a different “stronghold” than yours.

Third step: From the outside.

All brands constructed from the outside. Branding tips for success based on:

  • Focus in consumers feelings. Advertisement would penetrate the consumers minds. Make sure you are not falling into notoriety or awareness strategies, that for Advertisers is not your issue as a “Brander”.
  • Zero mistakes allowed. Good Branding does not permit to generate any confusion, avoid that added value to succeed.
  • Leadership is not objectionable. Branding does not understand about ambition’s limits.

In the next articles I will focus on solving the following equation:

Branding = Expansion + Concentration + Communication + Knowledge + Words + Credentials + Quality + Category + Name + Extensions + Fellowship + Generic + Corporation + Sub-brands + Brotherhood + Product + Barriers + Coherence + Mortality + Singularity