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The importance of MAC-keting

Since this afternoon, when I was leaving the AppleStore while thinking that time was the fourth time that another perceptual efficient electronic junk comes to live home, I can not stop brooding: How Apple,Inc. could generate both fanaticism and “freakcism”regarding its products?


In fact, any iPod, iPhone, iPad, iMac… Are not as different as the others able in the Market (in terms of productivity). Even so, whenever you are opening each perfectly neat white boxes, all the “Mac-Addicts” feel their heart strikes and expands so fast. Moreover, increasingly people are joining into the “Apple-Culture”So…Should be something about Marketing, isn’t it?

In his biography, Steve Jobs stated that Apple’s success was not a Marketing issue itself, but something strongly related to their strategies implemented. In every strategy application, the company has managed to magnify his own image, so finally created an icon and a kind of cult brand that shows the company’s philosophy and makes both customers and consumers become devotes, evangelist worshipers to the Apple’s religion.

Speculation, expectation… Loud noises at each Apple’s launch. The goal of any sales-marketing director. Just all the aims achieved by emphasizing three words: chic, elegance and snobbery which are current society’s favourites terms. In fact, what we can draw from this matters is that Apple’s all marketing strategies are focus on Elitist-Emotional-Marketing.

The main example is its brand icon: An apple.

There are many legends surrounding about why Mr. Jobs selected this fruit. At first, he said it was chosen because he really love to eat apples… Actually, we can find three different reasons about the brand, the choice and the strategies referred:

  • Positioning: The company’s name starts with an “A” that means first position in the list while, for instance, Windows in the bottom of the list.
  • Neuro-Marketing: Few studies affirmed that it is easy for people to associate computers with fruit (Still don’t know why). So the logo is easy to remember.
  • Emotional-Marketing: An apple causes good feelings, associate to health and zero conflicts..

In conclusion, Apple’s secret is to become another big company dividing its success, existing and triumphing through the power of marketing in business:

50% innovation & 50% strategic marketing




Andrea Gamero.