Introduction to Neuromarketing

Dali’s Brain-Trees

It has been a long time since I left my blog apart. Main reason was my creativity has been hardly affected by a lot of information and curiosities about Marketing and its tools to develop efficient campaigns.

I took some time to train my mind. I started studying “neuromarketing”.

I am not going to provide you any Wikipedia’s definition about the neuromarketing’s meaning, but I’m going to tell you about its essence allows you to do: Professional Psychological Manipulation, in a way that seems so easy it may seem logical. Therefore you may think that you have already know all the techniques before, but you’re not, probably you are so submitted that your brain has incorporated it as natural and common uses.

Neuromarketing was born from Neuroeconomics and Psychology. Its most common application is: to analyse trends, to evaluate decisions of consumers and to manipulate consumers through advertisement tools to stimulate several brain areas linked to pleasure and addition.

In the next posts I will describe some neuromarketing tools affecting us as consumers every second and as well, I will provide all of you interested in the science of market areas, the know-how to apply that tools and ensure the success through this physicological-field of marketing.

Hope you enjoy it!!



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