Christian Louboutin Autumn'11 Look-book.

Christian Louboutin Autumn'11 Look-book.


Nowadays, despite of the several marketing typologies, whenever we think about the main goal of the application of market techniques the first thing that comes to my mind is to generate add value, and get the largest possible amount of individuals able to believe in it. For any given marketing-mind with a strong ambitious, that many people are the whole world population. What about the companies’s directors ambitions?

Increase benefits, positioning, popularity… No matter what the company main goal be, actions speak louder than words and that is why, increasingly, the luxury market integrates new conglomerates of enterprises who want to become part of one of the few industries that has not been bombarded with the financial crisis: Luxury Market.

But is not gold that glitters, we should be aware that most people are not able to finance many expensive outfits such as Victoria Beckham’s closet contain. Nevertheless, people still having some kind of brand fanaticism whether by the influence of Vogue, TV, Internet, or the impressive catwalks each Fashion Week. So, What should be the strategy for those companies if they want to became part of the luxury-industry? Promote affordable products that will not jeopardize the concept of exclusivity of loyal customers. One option for doing that may be “rupture marketing”.

In any case, it is a fact that companies must be prepare for implement some kind of differentiation and create a feeling for the brand, especially if they are intend to internationalize. Since countries like Brazil, China or Russia, which until recently were negligible for the luxury industries, are quickly becoming pioneers on in and also are demanding their position in a globalized world, and in this case silk works.



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