Beyond the grim scenario, Marketers are strategies

Perhaps it is the longest of all, but certainly for too many months we have been participating in to the economic diet of uncertainty. Seems like we are not able to solve the “Rubik Cube”.

As marketers or merely interested in marketing our main task is to understand the situation and to came up with strategic solutions. Our target will never be to solve the financial situation in macro-terms, we just devote ourselves to take advantage of the situation. But, more and more, everything seems to blurring. Despite all, beyond this grim scenario, we should continue betting heavily and  innovate.

What I mean with innovation?

Innovation means to catch out everyone by applying new methods. Fortunately for us, the World is offering great opportunities in a new media. Therefore, creativity is completely necessary, indeed, trust must also be in our portfolio because ,what is sure, is that firms are betting on low-cost technologies with high impact.
Whenever we talk about low-cost technologies we talk about Internet, which is becoming more than a tool so we can not dispense with it, a need for our survival both as customers or business (we do not want to be the last at privilege line, at all).

Financial panic on a limb and conservatism owner to another, both hugging the 2.0 world becoming the time to prove the add value of Marketing. Time for us to demonstrate that the online strategies are efficient. Time to talk about things such as landing page, social network or content emerging. Which are, actually, the topics I will discuss in the following posts.



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